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The Netherlands

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With over 15 years of experience in the world of packing and shipping of modern antiques we may call ourselves specialists in packing fragile items and shipping them all around the world. There is hardly a country where we didn’t ship to. We use different European companies to get the best and competitive shipping quotes to get your pieces safely shipped to you. We can offer about any possible shipping option you would want as we value our customers needs and their wishes.

We will personally see to the safe packing of all items with much care. Depending on each piece we determine what is necessary to get the items safely and economically shipped to our customers. With efficiency we will transport the goods to the customer including insurance if desired/needed. When there is a possibility to deliver the items personally, this will be our preferred option, if not we work only with trusted and loyal transporters who know what they are transporting and value that as much as you and we do.

Feel free to ask a non-bindingly quotation for transport of your new item(s). Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding questions about transport costs, shipping and packing. We are fully at your disposal.

At Mass Modern Design we want to provide the full story. We do not only buy and sell 20th century furniture, we work closely with many dedicated partners to make sure we can offer the total picture and everything our customers need. Besides our trading business we also provide rental options, for photo shoots, movies, exhibitions and so on.

We think sharing knowledge is important, our experience has deep roots and is often consulted by foundations and museums. Newcomers in the field of 20th century often lack the knowledge and we think if people are educated properly, we will make the market stronger together. That’s why we often work with special initiators to curate collections, set up exhibitions and facilitate loans for it. As we have a large inventory of historical design from all over the world and literature to support the pieces, we are a provider for a full historical background story on the pieces we sell. Whether it is for a collector, museum or private person. We think our pieces deserve the best homes.

Please reach out with any questions regarding rentals and loans. We are always open to find out what museums think is important to expose to the public.

Aldo van den Nieuwelaar

Tilburg 1944 – 2010
Designer, Interior decorator

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Cees Braakman

Utrecht 1917-1995
Industrial designer

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Dom Hans van der Laan

Leiden 1904 – 1991
Dutch Benedictine monk, architect

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Friso Kramer

Amsterdam 1922 – 2019
Industrial designer

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Gerrit Rietveld Jr.

Utrecht 1920 – 1961
Furniture maker, designer

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Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld
Utrecht 1888 – 1964
Architect, furniture designer

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Gino Sarfatti

Venice 1912 – 1984
Engineer, lighting designer

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Jacobus (Ko) Verzuu

Utrecht 1901 – 1971
Construction supervisor, toy designer

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Kho Liang Ie

Magelang 1927-1975
Interior designer, industrial designer

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Martin Visser

Papendrecht 1922 – 2009
Furniture designer

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Rudolf Wolf

Amsterdam 1919 – 1989
Industrial designer, artist

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Milano 1946 – 1988
Lighting manufacturer

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Wim Rietveld

Utrecht 1924-1985
Industrial designer

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100 Years de Stijl
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Essentie; 100 years de Stijl
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Selected works by Gerrit Th. Rietveld
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Drie x Rietveld
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Gerrit Thomas Rietveld
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