Who is Etienne Feijns?

As a boy of ten I was already fascinated by old collector’s items and their design, colour and wear. I was greatly attracted by the old quality, the colours and the used (or even unused) condition of objects that were 50 years old. I soon discovered that the things I liked were well-designed and of high quality.

My passion for all this, as a connoisseur, lover and collector of art, is more than just average. I enjoy making contact with other art-lovers and collectors, talking to them about good design and working with them to raise collection standards to higher levels. I also want my passion for design to contribute to finer interiors, and that is one of the main reasons why I launched MidMod-Design in 2008.

It is now my ambition to surround myself with unique, top-quality items, for myself and my clients. As far as Dutch design is concerned, I have long been impressed by Gerrit Rietveld’s revolutionary work. His many progressive designs, now increasingly popular with leading collectors all over the world, still give me goose bumps.

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